2020 Singing Valentines lots of fun and a huge success


What a great day Friday, February 14th, 2020 was. The Old Capitol Chorus had four quartets out delivering Singing Valentines, and together they delivered over 100 Singing Valentines.  They went to restaurants, hospitals, care facilities, office buildings, banks, homes, manufacturing floors, class rooms and many other places.

Our quartet Augmented Trio’s most interesting delivery of the day was delivering to 3 women at an elementary school.  They wanted A3 to sing in the lunch room while students were having lunch. A3 said as they walked in it was noisy, as you would expect.  It was not overly loud but just lots of different and excited conversations from throughout the room.  Then A3 started singing and the room went quiet and all the kids listened in.  A3 finished and the room erupted again.  They were clapping and cheering for the quartet, but they had also just been quiet in the lunch room for a couple of minutes and they wanted to get back to their conversations.

Our quartet Fourever Green did a few deliveries at Oaknoll Retirement Community.  They had the chance to deliver these singing valentines in more public areas like the dining hall where they sang for everyone in the room.  The report we got from the person who sent the valentine was that the whole audience enjoyed it as much as the recipient did.  It is always nice when our groups can deliver to a person in front of a large group as then we can share our music with more people.

Our quartet A Seasoned Sound sang several times in the hospitals around town.  They had several scheduled deliveries, but then would just get stopped by people in the hall and asked to sing, of course they happily obliged.  Our groups love it when they can put a smile on someone’s face even though those people may not be having the greatest day.  We believe that music can change the world and it is nice to see that happen one person at a time.


Our quartet Pocket Change was also out on Valentine’s Day and sang all over the place, including spending a lot of time in the hospital as well. I guess that happens when your members work there.  The biggest delivery they did was singing to all of the volunteers of Crowded Closet as they were getting ready for the day.  Crowded Closet is a great organization and we were really excited to help someone recognize all of the volunteers that help them out.