Join Us

Our group is made up of all different levels of singers.  We have music educators, classically trained opera singers, church choir singers, guys who have sung in high school or college choirs, and guys who only sang in the car or shower before joining us.  We have guys who have only been singing barbershop for the last year, as well as guys who have been singing barbershop for years, some of whom even have international gold medals.

We have lots of great singers that all work to be the best singers they can be, and barbershop is a great avenue for all levels of singers to become better.


If you are interested in learning more about us or singing with us, all of our rehearsals are open and we rehearse every Thursday night from 7pm - 9pm at the Robert A. Lee (Iowa City) Rec Center.  You are welcome to just stop by or contact our VP of Chapter Development, J.P. Marshall, so that he is aware you are coming and can let you know if there is some change to our regular schedule.

J.P. Marshall
[email protected]